whyfarm + chill murray

WHYFarm + Chill Murray Partnership
2,000.00 2,350.00
Pay Invoice
  • AGRIman Redesign

$‎    600

  • AGRIman Autograph Design Doc

$‎    100

  • AGRIman Performer Prototype Doc

$‎    50

  • PhotosyntheSISTA Character Concepts

$‎    250

  • Story Development Consulting

$‎    400

  • AGRIman Character Profile Doc

$‎    200

  • PhotosyntheSISTA Fact Doc

$‎    100

  • WHYFarm Newsletter

$‎    300


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our key outcomes

Our partnership together will achieve the following goals:


strengthen agriman's positioning

WhyFarm and AGRIman are leading the way for agricultural education around the world. And it’s time everyone found out about this new superhero.


solidify agriman's story

AGRIman is the catalyst for change and education around the world. We’ll help to solidify his character and story through character development, performance coaching and design.


Grow agriman's legacy

WhyFarm is at the forefront of innovation in the education sector. We’ll push this innovation further by helping to enhance AGRIman with elements he needs to save the planet.




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