Performance coaching for Santa Claus

Santa Claus performers are in high demand and the desire for exceptional quality, professional entertainers is becoming competitive. Set your performance apart with our Santa Claus coaching. Our coaches have transformed amateur actors into extraordinary performers with only a few hours of working together. Whether you are a seasoned Santa, or performing for the first time this year, our Santa Claus performance coaching will give you confidence and the tools you need to successfully, professionally, and authentically portray Santa Claus.

What Coaching Includes:

  • 1-hour block of performance coaching x 2
    Receive two hours of Coaching with performance coach, Billy Murray.
    Billy Murray is an empathetic powerhouse and performance coach who empowers speakers, brand representatives, and entertainers to create impactful moments and make a difference in the lives of others. Billy has often been referred to as clients' go-to person, adding creative flavor to branding, speech delivery and all other front-stage activities.

    When Billy isn't supporting his clients, he's performing on stage. He has performed in over 850 sold-out shows as part of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s world-famous Clown Alley. He is also the former head character trainer with The Walt Disney Co., and makes weekly bedside visits as "Dr. Billy" at CHOC Children's Hospital of Orange County. His “front-stage” perspective and high-performance background will enrich the quality of your artistry and transform you into a stronger entertainer than ever.

  • Santa Claus handbook
    Have a digitial copy of our Santa Claus Handbook Sent right to your inbox

  • Friendly, effective and efficient feedback
    Our positive, critiques will strengthen your performance quality quickly

  • Vocal coaching
    We will coach you how to sound like santa claus

  • Physicality coaching
    We will coach you how to move, pose and Act like Santa

  • Improvisation
    Learn Pro-Improv Techniques to help support you in your meet and greet

  • Difficult scenario rehearsals
    Learn how to take control of the situation and handle yourself in sticky situations

  • Storytelling
    Become better at Storytelling and have material to talk about with your visitors

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