creative consulting

We have ideas big enough to fill an arena or intimate enough to the point that you'll get goosebumps. Whatever you're schemeing up, we have the creative spark to make your project flare. Schedule calls at your convenience to create more freedom for yourself in the areas of productivity, time management and work-life alignment. Or prepare for a tough conversation or interview. 

Want advice from someone who gets it? Schedule time with the Chill Murray team to discuss your ideas, opportunities and work-life alignment challenges.

After making your consulting investment, you'll be able to schedule your first call immediately.

Use cases:

  • Show elements and special effects: Incorporate unexpected production value to exceed expectations
  • Immersive experiences and atmosphere: Influence how your audience feels or experiences your brand
  • Prioritization and optimization: Help you think through tough decisions or prioritize your existing activities
  • Obstacle-breaking and problem-solving: Resourceful strategies when you need them most
  • Breaking procrastination: Take the first step in an activity you've been avoiding and get support
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Chill Murray is my go-to for a creative breakthrough.
— Alice MacDonald, Wonderland Trailers Co.