secret shopper


Our reports are designed to measure the guest's total bar experience and each bar/restaurant can have their own unique set of data based on their operational needs.

The information that we provide gives management valuable insight from the customer's perspective and quality of your establishment's operations. The information from our secret shop becomes even more powerful over time, as cumulative data will reflect important trends and customer opinions.

The knowledge you receive from our team will also provide you with opportunities to recognize exceptional employees, management performance and training results. 

Want advice from someone who gets it? Schedule time with our team to discuss your obstacles, goals, or book your bars secret shop.

A secret shop from our team can include:

  • Length of time that a customer waits for a table/bar stool

  • Overall customer service experience

  • Bartenders overall performance

  • Proper cash handling

  • Free out drinks to friends or customers

  • Over-pouring

  • Up-selling to a brand name

  • Quality of the food/beverages

  • Ambiance inside the bar/restaurant

  • Check restrooms to ensure they are maintained regularly

  • Ensuring the inside and outside both feel safe, secure and clean

If you have specific steps of service that you would like included in your shop, please include these details in the notes. We are committed to working with you to customize your secret shopping to meet your bars specific needs. 


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