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Our team at Chill Murray powers three entertainment ventures, each dedicated to bettering the community while providing world-class memorable entertainment. Heavy-hitting globally recognized entertainment companies have relied on Chill Murray's expertise and services in some capacity over the past decade... and that's something we are proud to brag about!

At Chill Murray, we know the key to successful entertainment -- touching the heart, so you can trust us with yours.


We are proud to train and endorse some of the globe's most talented physical comedians. At Chill Murray understand and recognize society's common fear of clowns and we are here to save the art form for children of all ages in the future. Join the planet's first digital clown alley, that anyone can join, or become a certified endorsed Millennial Clown.


The circus is one of America's longest running traditions and over the last decade the spectacle as taken on a new form, but Country Fried Circus is bringing the show back to it's rough and tough glory with drop your jaw in your buffalo cause and have you laughing off your hay bail. Our completely original show celebrates the best part about being American while keeping true to it's vintage circus routes.


We are excited about the launch of a new brand coming soon by Chill Murray Inc. Our new entertainment offering promises to provide exactly what the community needs. The team at Chill Murray is dedicated to providing world-class memorable entertainment and training the performers making an impact on the world today. Check back soon for the official launch of our newest project. Please donate to help make this project a reality.


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