let's bake!

Have you ever wanted to have the cooking ability of a professional chef? Here is your chance to step into the kitchen -- and chill. Learn tricks of the trade with our monthly cooking and baking classes from the comfortability of your own home. Hosted by the Chill Murray lifestyle experts and special guests, put your insecurities behind you and step up your culinary expertise. Using cutting-edge technology, you can learn to cook in your own kitchen.


class overview

participants will learn how to:

  • bake the perfect vanilla cupcake [recipe included]
  • make homemade cake mix
  • make Italian meringue buttercream [recipe included]
  • prepare piping bags
  • spot the difference between consistencies, textures & techniques
  • use different shapes and sizes of piping tips
  • basics of icing cupcakes
  • add Instagram-worthy embellishments

There are no cancellations or refunds. If you are unable to attend the class, you will be issued a credit and can attend a different class at another time.


learn how


We will show you step by step, ingredient by ingredient how to make some of the kitchen's trickiest recipes. Learn trade secrets and drastically elevate your ability while wearing an apron.

practice hands-on


Part of getting it right takes practice. Get ready to get your hands dirty as we give you insider tips to perfect your technique.

bake in your home


That's right! After your class you will have a kitchen stocked with sweets. Aside from the recipes and tips you'll learn, you will also have delicious treats to share with your family and friends.


next class


AUGUST 13, 2018
4-7pm PST


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