We inspire artistry behind the bar with finesse in every shake.

Chill Behind The Bar is a lifestyle consultancy that provides show-stopping bar innovation.  We enhance creative hospitality, provide event planning, branding, and curate inventive beverage programs for the bar industry. 

Our skilled mixologists shake up a thoughtfully balanced blend of handmade syrups and infusions, paired with fragrant herbs, fruit, fresh-pressed juices and exotic ingredients to create a world-class bar experience through esquiete flavor profiles and "gram-worthy" appearances. 

We'll serve you innovation and help you set trends, with a commitment to crafting beverages that look as perfect as they taste.


exceed the expectations of your bar Guests

Chill Behind The Bar offers bar, cocktail, and bar team consultation. We deliver professional, effective and customized strategies for your establishment, bar, team, event and brand. We will help you gaurntee your guests are sasified.


add a new best-selling cocktail to your menu

Recipes are practrically useless if you don’t understand how to prep and properly execute them. Browse our list of unique recipes and select one that fits your needs -- or let's create a recipe and menu that exceeds expectations.  


How does your bar rank?

 There is always opportunity to do better business. Whether your bar has been open for a month, two years  or thirty, we can help to revitalize your program.  We provide special attention to the fine details and a critial eye with a commitment to your satisfaction. 

A drink made correctly is the proper way to show your customers you care.
— billy Murray, Founder Chill Murray, inc.

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