Being Clean And Organized Is Good For You

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Have you ever felt that feeling of clarity after you've cleaned your place? A research scientist and professor at Indiana University, Nicole R. Keith, Ph.D., lead a study which found that individuals with a clean and tidy home are happier and healthier than those with messy living spaces. 998 African Americans between the ages of 49 to 65, a demographic with an increased risk of heart disease, had their physical health tracked by Keith and her team of colleagues. They found that participants who did not maintain a clean and organized home were not as active and healthy as those who did.

Researchers from Princeton University found that a messy or cluttered workspace can make it more challenging to remain focused and productive. From their study in 2011, they specifically found that that visual cortex can be overstimulated, making it difficult to allocate attention and knock tasks off your to-do list when you have irreverent clutter in your space.

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Are you someone who makes their bed every morning? If you're not -- you might want to start. Conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, a survey found that individuals who make their beds each morning increase their odds of a good night sleep by 19% and those with fresh, clean sheets better their chances by 75%, according to the study's participants who state that they sleep better because they feel more comfortable falling asleep in a bed that has been made.

But why the hell is staying organized so damn difficult and if being tidy is "good for you," then why doesn't everyone swear by it? If you're fed up with being up to your eyeballs in clutter, use these tips to troubleshoot your organization obstacles and win back your productivity.

If you have too much clutter

Sometimes without realizing what we are doing, we are constantly growing our collection of possessions. Each day as we go through our lives, we bring home little, and sometimes big, objects that are not always a necessity. Some people save every ticket-stub, or maybe you have a thing for shoes and love to buy them but never get rid of the old shoes you never wear anymore. All of this stuff takes up space that when optimized could be used for items holding more purpose.

Getting rid of your clutter can be a huge and challenging task. It becomes especially difficult because we attach emotional feelings for the old objects that have been around us our whole lives. Start with the items that you have no emotional value for. Try your best to donate or sell as much of it as you can. Donations can become a great tax write off or selling your objects at a yard sale could even make you some extra money. When it comes to getting rid of items that you have emotions for, try taking a picture of the item so that way you can always have a tangible memory of the object you cared about.

If you don’t have enough time

Organizing your space is unfortunately not something that always happens very quickly. Taking your time to arrange your items the proper way utilizing items like shelving units, labels, and contains, will allow you to identify an exact location for each item making them simpler to locate in the future.

When you're faced with a HUGE organization task such as your home, you may be tempted to quit before you even start but when your house is a mess, you work less effectively and it can even give you the feeling of having less time in the day.

Don't stress. Take your project one step at a time. Carry your dirty cups back into the kitchen. Create a pile of your dirty clothes. Wipe down the mirrors. Take 15-30 minutes a day to clean and organize until the project is completed. 

If you're up for a challenge, there is a really fun website, Unfuck Your Habitat, that is a helpful way to break up your organization projects into smaller tasks.

If you forget how great it feels to be organized

Returning home from a business trip or work to a clean home is one of the most satisfying feelings that you can reward yourself with. But once your house is all fine and dandy, the new challenge becomes keeping it that way. Fight your urge to toss your sweater on the floor or not put your shoes away. Taking these little steps every day helps us maintain the work we have put into a clean place and saves you the trouble of having to do the work all over again.

Enlist a friend or family member who likes organizing. Believe it or not -- they are out there! Look for creative ways to organize by checking out some organization porn or subscribing to an anti-clutter blog. Whatever it takes, remember that people who keep their space around them clean and organized with live a healthier life both mentally and physically.