Tongue Twisters That Will Strengthen Cognitive Function


Tongue twisters are phrases or sentences that are difficult to pronounce. No matter what language you speak, they all have their own batch of tongue twisters. They have been around since the creation of language but it has not been until with modern-day neuroscience discoveries that we have been able to understand what the hell happens in the brain when you try to roll them off your tongue.

Instantaneously and unknowingly, when you say the word "rutabaga," you magically perform a complex choreography with many body parts — your lips, tongue, jaw, and larynx — all in a drop in time. It's no wonder our brain farts sometimes.

In most common cases, when performing tongue twisters, you are less likely to confuse a consonant with a vowel. Instead, you either swap one consonant with another consonant, or you confuse their vowels.

A study that was conducted in China in 2012 found that with just one week of speech therapy you can strengthen cognitive function, reorganize brain connectivity and reduce stuttering. According to author Chunming Lu, Ph.D., of Beijing Normal University in China, "These results show that the brain can reorganize itself with therapy and that changes in the cerebellum are a result of the brain compensating for stuttering."

For those of us who speak publically or give speeches, studdering or fumbling your words can be one of your biggest insecurities. If you have found yourself feeling embarrassed for "messing" up this way in the past, just remember -- you're human and it happens to everyone. To strengthen your mind to mouth performance, download this list of 40 tongue twisters to prepare your palette for perfection.