Dream Fairytale Engagement Story & Photo Diary


Hey! Guess what? If you haven’t heard yet, Captain Patch and I got engaged. I am so incredibly excited to marry him! I thought I would tell you all about how it happened, since we have had a lot of people asking. We decided to get married this September ( I know we’re crazy… crazy in LOVE!) so we have been planning and planning up the wazoo. Writing this is honestly such a nice break from all the overwhelming (but fun!) wedding planning I have been doing.


We were going to Ireland for a friends wedding, and so we decided to make a vacation out of it and go to London, Amsterdam, and Paris as well. Neither of us had ever been to these places (or on a long vacation like this together!) and so it really did feel like the trip of a lifetime.

Remember that Blog post about the secret beach? Well, I hope you all liked it, because I sacrificed my camera on those rocks. This unhappy coincidence worked in Patch’s favor though, because he used it to create a surprise for me.

Patrick told me that he had been talking to a friend of ours who is a photographer (kristinaadamsphotography, her work is amazing!) and that she had a friend in Paris who would be interested in doing a styled “lovers in Paris” shoot with us. He told me that since my camera was broken, it would be a perfect opportunity for us to get some souvenir photos from our trip.

We met up with her early in the morning on our last day in Paris, and immediately began taking some pictures with elizavetaphotography (she seriously ROCKS.)

Fun fact: when getting ready that morning, he yelled from the bathroom “Babe! would you mind standing on my left for the photos? My hair is better on this side.” The real reason was that the ring was in his coat pocket. Sneaky Patch.

Then, we then went down by the river…


To distract me, Patrick said, “Look at those ducklings over there!” 


and then...


He got me!


and of course, I said, "Yes!" 

This was followed by some tears...


A kiss...


A little champagne...


ok, a LOT of champagne!


I was very overwhelmed in the VERY best way!

And then we played the day away in Paris.


And that is our engagement story! The beginning of our happily ever after.

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