Chill OC Beach Discovery

@OhCaptainSarah is back with more #SummerVibes. Take a trip with her and #CaptainPatch to their favorite secluded beach in Orange County, #California.

@OhCaptainSarah is back with more #SummerVibes. Take a trip with her and #CaptainPatch to their favorite secluded beach in Orange County, #California.

The beach has always been my happy place. Growing up, my best friend and I would spend every day of our summers posted from the earliest our moms would drop us off until the sun went down (and then there were bonfires of course. OH THE BONFIRES. Thats a whole other post in itself. I digress). As a youngster it was the best place to be because A. it was free, and B. we could meet up with other fellow whippersnappers because the place was always FULL of people .

While having lots of people around can be fun (I do like to be part of the madness sometimes) I think that our ideal expectations for a perfect beach day include peace and solitude. But where can someone find an empty beach like that in the ever growing bustling beach towns of the OC?


There are many coves tucked away along Laguna. While the main beach stays pretty packed, there are a few quieter spots that few people know of. While Thousand Steps Beach has gained popularity, the cove right next door to it is (in my opinion) prettier, AND it rarely has more than a few visitors at a time. This beach is called Table Rock, and it has been my favorite spot for years now.

beach feet

Table Rock is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the waves!

captain patch oc beach

Theres lots of fun and easy rocks to climb with some amazing views at the top…

oh captain sarah beach view

LOOK AT THAT VIEW. This was moments before I decided to run on that mossy rock underneath and fell flat on my back crushing my hand, heel, and camera. WORTH IT!

captain patch view

Here we have Captain Patch on top of the world!

Itching to know how to find it? -- WELL I’LL TELL YOU THAT TOO!

In Laguna Beach, drive on PCH until you get to a small street called Eagle Rock. It’s hard to spot but there is a small community garden that marks it.

We usually park in the neighborhood and walk over. This is on that same corner but on the opposite side of the street. Walk across the street towards that pretty patch of blue!

Keep walking down past the most beautiful houses known to man, and there will be two large stone pillars that say Table Rock Private Community.

Then you will reach these winding stairs, and you’re there!

So thats my favorite spot! I hope you all get a chance to enjoy it, just don’t crowd the place up too much 

What are your favorite spots? Let me know in the comments!