Paying It Forward On Fiverr

I am constantly driven to continue to create. I often refer to myself as the "Tab Queen" because I have a habit of having 50 different tabs open in my Safari. However, this open tab obsession definitely bleeds into my everyday life because I am constantly creating and working on multi-projects at once.

Some think I am crazy to do so many different things and others have no faith and think it is all just going to tank. Well-- Yes, of course that is always a possibility, but for me... it's not an option.

Personally, I thrive bouncing back and forth between projects. I find that I can put out longer work blocks and my work is stronger when I leave it and come back. The amount of time that I bounce between projects varies and sometimes I'll even let something I've started marinate over night to avoid burnout and letting my creative juices get stale.

Today, I am excited to begin a new way to express my need for creativity through Here's where creative professional, like myself, post gigs that for the most part all start at just $5.00 a pop. It allows for easy upgrades to rake in a couple extra bucks with each project and customers can pay to have the project delivered when they want.

Fiverr isn't something that I just stumbled upon recently. In fact, I have been using Fiverr professionally for close to five years now. But it's not until now that I decided to put my work on this Gig-Platform. There are a few reasons why I decided to start gigging with Fiverr after all these years, and here's why.

Cater To Others With "Must-Have-Now" Syndrome

I personally like and look for a quick turn around when I am making a purchase. When I have to have something, I have to have it immediately.

I have found from hiring contractors that they often require a few days for their turn around. This is to be expected and I have allowed for it with the gigs that are now live on Fiverr. However, buys can easily upgrade for faster delivery.

Set The Par For Costumer Service

Eh, sometimes the customer service can be lacking on Fiverr. It may be because people from all over the world can share their gigs on this platform and not every person comes from the same culture as we do. Sometimes the sellers come off as rude or irritated to have to complete the job.

When I am giving someone my money, I want to be giving it to someone who is #grateful for my business and treats me in a way that I would do business with them again in the future.

Chill Murray has a very laid back but professional sense of business. We aren't put on this planet to make each others lives difficult. We are here to collaborate, love and live our best lives possible.

Be Affordable And Help Others Get Ahead

For YEARS of my life, I was "faking it to make it." In that period of my live I needed and relied to Fiverr to get more work done, spend less money and get new costumers.

I am always happy to share my abilities with others to help them become better people. One day, an artist was there for me and cut me deal that I could afford. Now it's time for me to #PayItForward

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