Is Your Website Optimized To Make You Shine?


As a powerful brand, you must publish a beautiful, eye catching website that is optimized for today's digital audience.

In most cases, your brand's website is the first thing that your potential customer will see. Use this list of four ways to advance your website and keep your customers clicking BUY instead of clicking away.

Pair it with a custom domain name

Creating a custom domain name for your brand can make or break your site. Improve your brand's recognition by replacing any tags from free host sites (wix, squarespace) and configure your website to be accessed using a SEO optimized custom URL domain name. 

Make sure your optimized for mobile 

Most of your traffic is going to be generated with a mobile device. Responsive design is a must, so make sure and test that your website is compatible on mobile. Consider the lengths of copy and how they will appear when transferred onto a cell phone's tiny screen. No one likes a long ass text message and this pretty much becomes that when paragraphs are too long on your phone.

Provide an easy to find and professional email address

An email address increases credibility and creates a seamless brand experience for everyone who interacts with you. Our team recommends using Gmail's G Suite to pull this off.

Have an effective about page

An "about" page is a staple of nearly every professional website. But for some brand's this page can be the trickiest to master. Tell your story, keep it focused and remember to keep it short and sweet.

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