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Bar Consulting

We have consulted with various brands ranging from dive-bars and five-star restaurants to theme parks and special events. Through relevancy of current industry trends, world-class service standards, transformative bar innovation, we collaborate with each client to execute new ideas and enhance the customer experience.

Consider us your secret weapon to success. Our team has the creative startegies, unthinkable ideas and unstoppable processes to put your competition six feet under ground. Schedule calls at your convenience to enahnce your business in the areas of branding, performance, efficiency, and custom original recipies.

Want advice from someone who gets it? Schedule time with the Chill Behind The Bar to discuss your obstacles, challenges or opportunities and ideas.

After making your consulting investment, you'll be able to schedule your first call immediately.

Use Cases:

  • Custom Cocktail Recipes - We will work with you to create a recipe that embodies the essence and atmosphere of your establishment

  • Creative Menus - We are dedicated to increasing your profits by designing specialty cocktail menus

  • Effective Marketing - We are well versed in branding and image consulting, and available to guide your venue in creating the ultimate marketing plan

  • Menu Makeover - We will work with you to revamp and revitalize stale or pre-existing beverage programs

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